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Automatic Assembly of Earphone Products


Product Specification

technical parameter

control mode


Feeding method

Servo motor+Bowlfeeder

Product efficiency


air pressure




Material shortage detection

Automatic detection alarm

Power Supply


Overall dimensions




Machine performance:

1. Fully automatic assembly of Huasi, magnetic steel, support, and recyclable precision fixture can make the concentricity reach 0.01-0.03mm.

2. Full automatic precision dispensing system, flexible and adjustable glue quantity, digital adjustment of dispensing time screen, and circular dispensing mode, which can ensure uniform mixing and high consistency.

3. Innovative technology is adopted to automatically separate the positive and negative sides of Huawei without changing its structure.

4. Automatically detect the story and display the fault location, so as to easily and quickly handle the fault.

5. PLC computer programmable control, touch-screen interface, more convenient, intuitive and convenient.

6. The output is automatically counted, and the total output can be set by yourself.

7. In case of abnormality, the machine will automatically stop, and the screen will display the corresponding abnormal information to facilitate the exception handling.

8. The whole machine adopts pneumatic actuating structure, which is fast and safe.


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WeiZheng Automation is a vibratory feeding systems manufacturer with a vast product line of parts feeding and automation equipment serving a variety of industries.

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