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Double Head Automatic Twisting Wire Cutting And Welding Machine


Product Specification

technical parameter

control mode


Feeding method

Servo motor+Bowlfeeder

Product efficiency


air pressure




Material shortage detection

Automatic detection alarm

Power Supply


Overall dimensions




Machine performance:

1. The operation is simple and convenient. Soldering parameters such as wire feeding length, tin discharging length, preheating time, welding time, tin return time, lifting height can be set.

2. It has fast programming instructions such as solder joint parameter copying, array, translation, batch editing, and type batch modification, which can greatly improve the editing efficiency.

3. Welding parameters can be saved in USB, which is convenient for copying and saving parameters between devices

4.2G storage space can store thousands of soldering programs, and each program supports 8000 soldering instructions.

5. High automation program, wire feeding, wire stripping, wire cutting and soldering can be completed at one time, and one person can operate multiple machines

6. High efficiency, double welding heads work at the same time, saving more time than single head wire stripper;

7. High reliability, automatic detection and shutdown alarm can be provided for the wire not welded, and the welding wire can be started continuously from this welding point.


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WeiZheng Automation is a vibratory feeding systems manufacturer with a vast product line of parts feeding and automation equipment serving a variety of industries.

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