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Industrial Automatic Plastic Screw Machine


Product Specification

technical parameter

control mode


Feeding method

Servo motor+Bowlfeeder

Product efficiency


air pressure




Material shortage detection

Automatic detection alarm

Power Supply


Overall dimensions




Machine performance:

It is equipped with a manipulator and a conveyor belt. After the process is completed, it can flow directly into the assembly line through the manipulator.

1. With intelligent detection function, it can detect missing locks, floating locks, sliding teeth, etc.

2. Strong versatility, replacement of screw conveying module can adapt to M1.0-M5 screw locking.

3. It has strong flexibility, and the standard universal fixture is suitable for screw locking of multiple models.

4. Double platform design, automatic alternating operation without stopping, fast speed and high efficiency.

5. The screw feeder adopts the latest turntable structure, with low noise, high reliability of screw feeding, never jamming and maintenance free.

6. The vacuum screw suction mode is adopted, which has a good versatility, and overcomes the characteristics that the wind blown screw cannot be fed with a length diameter ratio of 1.2, and the magnetic screw suction mode can not be used with stainless steel screws.

7.2G storage space can store 9999 soldering programs.

8. The display screen adopts 320 * 240 high-resolution color screen and full Chinese operation interface, which is easy to learn and use.


About Company

WeiZheng Automation is a vibratory feeding systems manufacturer with a vast product line of parts feeding and automation equipment serving a variety of industries.

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