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Since we are the main transportation manufacturing facility in China, our mission is to furnish first-rate merchandise humans can have confidence and buy, including: Electronic Assembly Machine, Stainless steel vibratory bowl feeder, Vibratory Bowl Feeder For Thin Washer, Linear Plastic parts vibration bowl feeder, We've been satisfied that we have been gradually escalating the use of the vigorous and lengthy lasting aid of our thrilled shoppers!, Durban, Ireland, Our purpose is to assist clients to make greater earnings and recognize their goals. Through a lot of difficult work, we set up a long-term enterprise relationship with so many clients all round the world, and gain win-win success. We will proceed to do our quality effort to carrier and fulfill you! Sincerely welcome you to be part of us!

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WeiZheng Automation is a vibratory feeding systems manufacturer with a vast product line of parts feeding and automation equipment serving a variety of industries.

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